Friday, April 19, 2013

Boho Queen

 So, the thrifting gods shone upon me a couple of weekends and I was able to pick up this beauty of a skirt and I feel as if I have found my new favorite fashion piece--the maxi skirt. I have another one but I haven't found the best way to wear it. This one however, I'm in love with. Its been so hot here and these long skirts are perfect for beating the heat because they are so breezy. Also I like how modest they are--I don't have to worry about flashing anyone in the wind!
 Outfit Details:
Headband- Urban Outfitters
Tank- Target
Skirt- Thrifted (Originally Old Navy)
Sandals- Saltwater Sandals via ModCloth
 I feel like a boho queen in this breezy skirt. My family has a Woodstock party where we get some bands to play and have a mini music festival in the back yard and I'm sensing that I will be pulling this skirt out for that occasion. 

Lots of things are changing with this spring but for now its nice to just sit back and relax a little. Things with school and friends are crazy over here. I'm just wading through until the summer comes. Someone needs to ship me off to camp and stick me in a canoe!

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  1. "Someone needs to ship me off to camp and stick me in a canoe!"
    Lol. But really, probably the best medicine.