Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Instagram the Days Away

 Alright folks, you know the drill. Here's all of my instagrams from April in one hot spot! I actually feel like I haven't been using instagram as often as I usually do, but I think when this crazy school week is over and I'm home, I'll feel more inspired. Georgie actually embodies everything I'm feeling right now haha.
 This spring has all about homemade chai lattes for me. I've tried both of these brands and I have to admit--I like the Oregon chai better. My mom makes the Tazo chai all the time and I love it when she makes it, but if I'm making them for myself I've found I prefer the other.
 I have discovered milkmaid braids to be the greatest hair life saver on those days where you don't want to wash your hair. Seriously this my replace the "Annie Bun" for me at camp. Plus they are so darn cute!
 My mom got me the prettiest calendar this month. I know, April is a little late in the year to put up a calendar, but at least I'm finally embracing the new year. I even write 2013 instead of 2012 now!
 Georgie (who I will NOT miss next year) actually smiled at me this month. This is the only time it ever happened, so I'm glad I documented it.
 I'm so thankful that I live in a place where I can sit on the roof and read in the sunshine. This is one thing I will seriously miss about living in this house. But for now, its lovely and I should do it more often before I pack up and leave.
 Einstein's Coffee is the love of my life right now. Pretty much every day after Environmental Science I have to get a cup!
 I went home a couple of weekends ago and looked at some pretty succulents downtown. I'd really like to have a terrarium of succulents. I hate flowers, but I think I could do cacti! Maybe next year I could have a terrarium in my dorm. That would be a nice touch!
This is my sister! I don't know if I've ever shown any pictures of her before, but she's adorable! Chloe has become one of my best friends and I love her so much! We decided to be twinsies and wear similar denim overalls/rompers. This is the first picture I've ever seen of us where we actually look like sisters. Like holy wow! We look so similar! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep Your Head Up and Your Heart Strong

 Lets talk about change. I know my blog is usually a light hearted piece of fluff. But life isn't fluff! So today I'm going to share a tiny bit about life. Its not fluffy or pretty. Its changing. 
 Everything in my life has changed this semester. I've lost my boyfriend. I changed my major (barely). I've gotten in contact with some old friends. I've rediscovered my relationship with God. I've lost some friends. I've discovered who my real friends are. I'm moving out of my apartment. I'm moving into a dorm with someone new.
Some of these changes have been GREAT. Some of them have been really hard. But I'm learning to trust the Lord and follow His plan for me. Its weird how much things have changed, but in a way I'm looking forward to it. Its a clean slate. The chance to start new. This summer at camp the theme is "new beginnings" and I cannot think of a better thing to focus on. Everything is new for me! And I'm excited to go on this crazy new adventure!
 Outfit Details:
Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Vintage via Etsy
Flats- Old Navy
So here's to some new beginnings. Times are hard now, but I'll keep my head up and my heart strong and embrace whatever life is going to throw at me next.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Fashion Fave: The Man Repeller aka Leandra Medine. This woman in FINE! She rocks every single outfit ever. And the best part about her style is that she is completely her own. She wears what she wants to wear and I LOVE that! Also, that girl can rock some overalls, which you know I love.
 My sister recently bought a ton of clothes from Johnnie B. which is Boden's teenager line and I'm obsessed with all their things now. I know I'm not a teenager, but I can still fit so I feel like I should take advantage of that while I still can. But seriously, these shorts are so fun. I'd probably opt for a plain top with these, but I think they are fresh and fun. I'd really like them for summer camp since they are knit and casual!
 As you can tell, I'm still pretty hung up on scrapbooking. This layout is to die for! Also, I really want to try some ombre watercolor on some of my layouts. I think it adds the perfect summer feel to the page.
 Maybe this is the dumb girl in me, but I adore finding wedding inspiration on Pinterest. This gal's wedding is to die for! I'm in love with all the details and photographs!

 I have recently discovered that World Market has some great Anthropologie dupes for a fraction of the price. Check out a few of my favorite finds from the store!

That's all folks! Just thought you'd want to see what I'm loving lately! All images found via my pinterest! 

Monday, April 22, 2013


 I've been digging the cobalt blue lately if you can't tell from my past couple outfits! Its just a happy color without being too springy or too wintery. Which is perfect because the weather here is still deciding what season it is! When we took these pictures, it was the first time I'd worn tights in a week! But I'm learning to complain less about these chilly days and just embrace them as extra chances to be creative with some of my winter clothes.
 We went to this loading dock behind a thrift store that we love in town and I thought it was a nice departure from our usual adventures. I love wandering around town and finding unique places to explore! 
 Outfit Details:
Dress- ModCloth
Tights- JcPenny
Saddle Oxfords- Payless
All I needed was a peter pan collar and knee socks and I could have been Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom! I feel like her every time I put on the ole saddle oxfords. They are such classic shoes and I think they add a little extra quirk to any outfit. 
In other news, I had the most marvelous weekend! I went home and had fun adventures there. I got to see my high school perform Bye Bye Birdie which is one of my favorite musicals of all time. It was a blast and a half. The whole weekend was absolutely stellar! Now if I can just make it through these next two weeks, it'll be summer vacation! Huzzah!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boho Queen

 So, the thrifting gods shone upon me a couple of weekends and I was able to pick up this beauty of a skirt and I feel as if I have found my new favorite fashion piece--the maxi skirt. I have another one but I haven't found the best way to wear it. This one however, I'm in love with. Its been so hot here and these long skirts are perfect for beating the heat because they are so breezy. Also I like how modest they are--I don't have to worry about flashing anyone in the wind!
 Outfit Details:
Headband- Urban Outfitters
Tank- Target
Skirt- Thrifted (Originally Old Navy)
Sandals- Saltwater Sandals via ModCloth
 I feel like a boho queen in this breezy skirt. My family has a Woodstock party where we get some bands to play and have a mini music festival in the back yard and I'm sensing that I will be pulling this skirt out for that occasion. 

Lots of things are changing with this spring but for now its nice to just sit back and relax a little. Things with school and friends are crazy over here. I'm just wading through until the summer comes. Someone needs to ship me off to camp and stick me in a canoe!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That Time I Turned Into a Flower Fairy...

 I think I probably sound like a broken record over here but....SPRING IS WONDERFUL! 

 This weather is to die for and I've been having so much with my spring clothes. The wind whips around, there is always that freshly mown grass smell, the sunlight shines through the new leaves on the trees. I walk around campus listening to my spring jams (Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and the Local Natives, if you must know) and I feel like I'm beaming because I love this weather so much! I know I'm being a little romantic about spring, but its hard not to! I adore this time of year!
 Not going to lie, I think the back of this dress is one of the main reasons I bought this dress. The dress by the way, is from Target a couple of years ago. Its been one of my favorites for a while now. 
 When we stumbled across the flowers, it started to rain. It was that nice summer rain though, not a cold miserable rain. It was the kind that made you want to dance and sing. I'm sorry folks, I'm way too in love with this time of year!

 When I was a little girl, I had a flower fairy obsession. I was convinced that there were fairies in my backyard because we had fairy rings scattered throughout the lawn. I wanted to build fairy houses and feed them smashed berries I found in the yard. I also enjoyed pulling up that "onion grass" and make a salad for the fairies. I even bought a book on flower fairies and was convinced that I could identify all the different ones. All that to say, I felt like a flower fairy when we took these. It brought me right back to those days when I would pour over that book and dream of being friends with the fairies.
 So...I started imagining myself to be one such fairy. It was awesome. 
I hope everyone is having a magical spring. If not, go sit in a field and pretend you are a fairy. It'll do you good, I promise!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It Might As Well Be Spring!

 Now THIS is my kind of weather! The high was 81 today! WHAT?! I'm completely loving it. I've been spending as much time outdoors (reading my book on my roof is one of my favorite outdoor pastimes).
 Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever 21
Dress: Aerie 
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals via Modcloth

 Clearly I could not be more euphoric about this weather. Dogwood trees have been blooming all over campus and we've been reveling in their beauty. Its the one time of year that I actually think my campus is beautiful, so I'm going to take lots of time smelling the roses as I walk to class. 

I hope everyone is enjoying some nice weather in your corner of the world! Its mighty fine over here!