Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Check out my summer playlist! I have been listening to tons of new music this summer and I thought it would be fun to create a playlist of all of the songs that I will associate with this summer. Some are silly and are from camp and others are just songs that have been the soundtrack to my life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 It is amazing what you can do when you aren't constantly online. These past few weeks have been filled with creativity and I thought some of these things were worth sharing. Guys! I'm blogging! This is an exciting moment haha!
 Recently (read: today) I've been getting back into embroidery and cross stitch and its been bundles of fun. I'm still playing around but so far I'm starting off small with the arrow letters and the crooked heart.
 There was an entire day where I didn't leave my house (except to make two trips to Home Depot) and all I did was scrapbook. I think I cranked out eleven pages, which for me is record breaking. Unfortunately this is the only page I've photographed, but if you are interested in seeing the other pages comment below and I'll do another post on my scraping adventures.
 My camp friend, Hannah, makes these super coasters from those 16 cent tiles at Home Depot and I decided to try my hand at it. I've seen this craft circling around Pinterest for years, but it wasn't something I was interested in--until I saw Hannah's! She used adorable scrapbook paper and stamps and it inspired me to make some for some of my friends! Here are mine!
 I get JoAnn's coupons sent to my phone (this is a slippery slope, beware signing up because you will find yourself buying more craft supplies than usual!) and I got one a couple weeks ago for 50% off one item. And the second I got that text I knew. I was finally going to get those giant cardboard letters! They are usually $10, but with the 50% off and my 20% off student discount, the letter was a steal. I modpodged pages from an old atlas and it gave it the best look. I finished the whole thing in the time it took to watch Donnie Darko. Let's just say, it was a good day.
And lastly, I've been making more bead necklaces! I still had a ton of beads that hadn't been painted and decided to give it a go. This is the easiest craft and its deeply satisfying! There's just something about wearing something you made that makes you feel all happy inside. Its true folks. 

Well, until next time! I hope everyone makes something everyday! Its extremely gratifying. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


 I'm home from camp y'all! I think I can honestly say that this has been my very favorite summer ever. And its not even over yet! I'm done working at camp (tears!) but it does feel good to be back. 
Outfit Details:
Tank- Old Navy
Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Sneakers- Target
Sunglasses- Target
 So now comes the "let's get real" moment of this blog. This summer has been incredible and it has changed me a lot. I've been reevaluating a lot of my priorities lately. Here are a few of the things I've realized about myself...
I love living in the moment. And by that I mean, I like hanging out with my friends and talking to them. Sounds simple right? Well, not exactly... My generation likes being social, but they mostly want to be social online. Everyone cares about their facebook profile, their twitter account, their instagram pictures, their tumblr posts etc. I'll admit that I like those things too. Before I went to camp, those things were what my life sort of revolved around. At camp, we don't have internet or cell phone service, so you learn to live and enjoy those around you as opposed to being plugged into the virtual world. And I LOVE living this way. I love not being tied to an online persona or having to keep up with everyone. I love being with my friends around me and not staring at my phone when I'm with other people. I love real communication. So, I'm kind of getting rid of some of my online involvement. I deleted my twitter account. I'm not logging on to facebook very often. I'm trying to use these social medias less. All that to say, you may not see me here very often. (Or maybe you will, I don't know haha) I think I need to learn to balance social media with real life better, so I'm taking a little bit of a break. For a while I felt obligated to post on a blog, or write a tweet, or instagram my life...but for now, I'm not going to feel obligated. I'm just going to live because its what makes me feel the happiest. I hope no one thinks this is a goodbye post or a post about how much I hate the internet because this post is neither of those things. Its just sort of a "hey, I might post here every once or a while or I might not" kind of post. Ya feel?
On a less serious note, I have had way too much fun this summer. I went on an amazing road trip to see two bands (Tame Impala and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros). I went caving. I canoed down a river (and busted my lip open). I played with kids. I danced way too many embarrassing dances. I played in a street band. I lived in a cabin with no air conditioning for a month. I've hammocked in the woods. I made a dumb movie. I became a vegetarian for a month. I cut a bunch of people's hair. My adventures are too many to count and my heart is richer because of them. I wouldn't trade this summer for anything. I hope you folks are having an amazing summer and I'll catch you on the flip side!