Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swimming Holes and Cinnamon Rolls

Well, readers. Its with great regret that I tell you all that I will not be posting on the blog for a few months. I am working at a summer camp and will not have any internet access therefore making blogging basically impossible. But once I've returned from my little camp heaven I'll be back into blogging. Back as in the way I used to blog in the fall. I'm going to miss this little corner of the internet, but I've got rivers to canoe, smores to eat, and bugs to kill. So with that I bid you all adieu and hope everyone has a fabulous summer!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Journal Time!

So friends, for a long time I've been feeling very inspired to work on an art journal. I saw Elsie's post about hers and I realized that THIS would be my summer project. I already had so many things I wanted to incorporate due to a lot of crafty hoarding I suppose. Anyways, today I spent the whole day sprawled out in my room working away to my heart's content. 

I found a site a long time ago where a woman had scanned her old Betsey McCall paper dolls and I used to be obsessed with printing them out on card stock and cutting them out. As a kid, I loved to play with paper dolls (actually I still sort of do) so I knew I had to include these in the art journal.

Just some more pretty supplies...

Ahh, the very first page. What to do? I had no idea...thus this was born.

I consider this to be the first page, really. I LOVED the way this turned out. I put the lyrics to Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie on one side in case any one was wondering...

So lovely!

That little book was actually a gift card holder from Anthropologie and I filled it with a list of things I love. Too cute!

 This is page 2, I suppose. I'm really infatuated with this one... The lyrics in the key shape are the lyrics to Death Cab's song "Codes and Keys." In case you guys couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan...
 This is the last page I did today and its the sappy lovey dovey page. But I'm completely obsessed with this one.
Madeline would absolutely adore this page because of the Sondre Lerche quote I put on it. But really, it was perfect with the picture I found.

And this one is sweet. I have a ton of old photographs that I picked up from a vintage store here in town. And the lyrics on this one are from Frank Sinatra's "I'll Be Seeing You."

I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! I hope these inspire you to do some art journaling yourself!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Mondays!--Covers Are Cool Edition

So this morning my dad sent me a link to this awesome indie cover playlist and I realized that I had to make Music Mondays about cover songs. So here are a few of my favorites from this playlist. If you want to listen to the whole playlist here's the link.
Okay, I LOVE this cover so much! Ingrid Michaelson covering Radiohead? Awesome. She really makes this song her own and that's what I love about it.

I mean, its Florence and the Machine...covering Beirut. What more could you want?
I'm a huge fan of both the Strokes and the Morning Benders, but this cover I have to admit may be better than the original.

So, I don't know how many people know this about Ben Folds, but he sure does have a knack for making incredible covers. I mean, who else can cover Ke$ha and Dr. Dre and make two completely different and incredibly catchy songs?! That's why he's a genius.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mom Is Cooler Than Yours!

Yeah! Mother's day! I love my sweet mom bunches! And we had a big whole day to celebrate why the moms in our family are special.
Last night I made these adorable mother's day cards for my Grandma and my Great-Grandmother to give to them today! I think they turned out to be really sweet.

Details, people its all about the details!

The sweet inside of the cards!

Today we went to my Grandma's house to eat some yummy food and enjoy each other's company. I must say that my mom made a mighty fine double good blueberry pie and because of that dessert alone, I'm proud to claim her as my mother. Just kidding. But seriously she is the best cook on the planet. At least as far as I'm concerned.

But seriously, look at my adorable mother? Isn't she lovely? Very stylish. Like mother, like daughter I suppose ;) Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favorite Things!

Well, dear friends of mine...I am officially done with my freshman year of college! So now, hopefully I can sneak in some blogging in before camp starts. But any are some gorgeous internet (pinterest finds) that I'm loving right now!

Washi tape! Ahhhh I can't believe how cool this stuff is! I just want to buy hundreds of rolls of this pretty tape. I'm going to be working on a big craft project soon (details later) and I'm really feeling like I need some of these pretties for my project.

I can't stop thinking about how I want to decorate my new home with Madeline next semester. All I do these days is pin home inspiration for our little green house.

Isn't this illustration lovely?

I'm really feeling like this kelly green dress is a necessity... I mean for auditions of course...

Check out these stunners! I've never really thought I could pull off the yellow shoe look, but I'm starting to warm up to the color though.

Okay, this is actually a big favorite of mine...cross stitching! Madeline picked it back up a while ago and she inspired me to do some of my own. Now we are both obsessed with creating little cross stitched things for our home! We've been sitting in the library at school and cross stitching. We get some great looks, you don't even know.

So we all know that I'm in love with instagram, but you know I what I love almost more? The ability to make collages with it! Here's one I made of last nights adventures to get Greek food and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Oh, and see those gorgeous kelly green pants? Those are the byproduct of having an awesome mom who likes to surprise you with special gifts. 

I'm slightly obsessed with Jeremy Larson's new project, Sucre. This song is AMAZING!

Ah, its good to be home. Now off I go to finish unpacking...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Mondays!

Do you ever forget how awesome an album is and then revisit it and remember how much you loved it? In Rainbows by Radiohead is that album for me right now. I'd forgotten how amazing it is! Gah! I just want to listen to it over and over again right now. So here's a little Radiohead for your listening pleasure...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kelly Green Obsession

These days I'm rocking some awesome kelly green shorts. I mean, why wouldn't I right?

And I like to rock the side braid. Especially since its so hot outside...

And my saltwater sandals are my best friends. 

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Old Navy
Shorts- Forever 21
Sandals- Saltwater Sandals via ModCloth

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Think I'm In Love But It Makes Me Kind Of Nervous To Say So

So dear internet, I'm going to tell you a story. Its not very long and mostly really pointless, but it is near and dear to my heart. In the summer before my sophomore year of high school I got a glorious phone. One that would withstand anything and everything. Not a particularly fancy phone, it just could call and text people but it got the job done and that's what I liked. But sadly, this February it began to die. I was in denial. But now, here we are in May and I broke down and got a new phone.

An iphone no less! And its the beginning of a new love affair. With Instagram. So follow me! My username is thesquirrelnextdoor. If you follow me you can see...

My farmer's market adventures...

My adorable doggie...

Cute things for my apartment...

My crafting adventures...

And my everyday adventures...

So welcome to my Instagram world!