Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That Time I Turned Into a Flower Fairy...

 I think I probably sound like a broken record over here but....SPRING IS WONDERFUL! 

 This weather is to die for and I've been having so much with my spring clothes. The wind whips around, there is always that freshly mown grass smell, the sunlight shines through the new leaves on the trees. I walk around campus listening to my spring jams (Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and the Local Natives, if you must know) and I feel like I'm beaming because I love this weather so much! I know I'm being a little romantic about spring, but its hard not to! I adore this time of year!
 Not going to lie, I think the back of this dress is one of the main reasons I bought this dress. The dress by the way, is from Target a couple of years ago. Its been one of my favorites for a while now. 
 When we stumbled across the flowers, it started to rain. It was that nice summer rain though, not a cold miserable rain. It was the kind that made you want to dance and sing. I'm sorry folks, I'm way too in love with this time of year!

 When I was a little girl, I had a flower fairy obsession. I was convinced that there were fairies in my backyard because we had fairy rings scattered throughout the lawn. I wanted to build fairy houses and feed them smashed berries I found in the yard. I also enjoyed pulling up that "onion grass" and make a salad for the fairies. I even bought a book on flower fairies and was convinced that I could identify all the different ones. All that to say, I felt like a flower fairy when we took these. It brought me right back to those days when I would pour over that book and dream of being friends with the fairies.
 So...I started imagining myself to be one such fairy. It was awesome. 
I hope everyone is having a magical spring. If not, go sit in a field and pretend you are a fairy. It'll do you good, I promise!

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