Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Life in Mayberry

 Spring Break has begun and it has already been more wonderful than I ever could have imagined! Today after my sweet cousin's baby shower (so much fun!) we decided to pal around downtown Franklin, which is always my favorite. Pretty weather has finally arrived here and so it was the perfect time to go out into our little Mayberry-like town.
 Oh Laura, I love her. My mother is the cutest.
 We ate at Merridee's for lunch, which is absolutely the best place around. We ate delicious Ruben Sandwiches at this adorable yellow formica table. How perfect is that?
 We also strolled around and looked in a few shops. I loved this window and thought that their paper  cakes were so very Vadis Turner!
 Here's a close up on the flower from the window. We are thinking maybe we might make some like these for Easter! You know I love a good DIY!
 Okay, so I also bought some overalls at Anthropologie. And maybe you are thinking that I'm crazy, but at this point I don't care! I'm in love with these little Huck Finn overalls and my head is already reeling with ideas on how to style them. They are adorable and I couldn't resist! I think these are going to become that item that I will wear and live in until they are pulling apart and I have to throw them away. I look forward to the days where I can wear my little overalls and play my banjo on my roof. Yes, I am THAT sort of person haha.
Guys, in case you didn't think these were adorable already...maybe you will change your mind after you see this eyelet detail on the back. Darling, no? 

Well folks, that was just DAY ONE of spring break. I look forward to the days to come! 

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