Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break at Home

 Spring Break at home as been, in a word, lovely. The past two days have been more chill and relaxed, which was exactly what I needed. I've been enjoying several cups of blueberry green tea. 
 I bought the greatest candle from Anthropologie and it has been burning ever since it made its way into my bedroom. I think when the candle burns out (although apparently it has 100 hours of burn time) I'm going to use the jar as a tumbler for holding pens and knitting needles. 
 I went shopping with my Grandma today as a belated birthday gift and I picked up some lovely new scrap booking papers.
 I also bought these lovely juice glasses from Target. Yes. Target! They look like little vintage glasses and I thought that if I do start a vintage glassware collection, these would fit in too!
 My mother made me my absolute favorite meal--butter chicken. Its not actually called "butter chicken" its really crescent chicken because its made with crescent dough. I could eat SEVERAL helpings of this dish.
I've finished my day with a little spring cleaning. At this rate though, I'll probably be cleaning tomorrow too! 

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