Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kiss and Makeup?

 Hello blogging world! I've missed you! I'm finished with finals and have been at home enjoying the pleasures of having nothing to do. And instead of blogging, I've been relaxing and watching The O.C. (whoops!) 
But today I wanted to admit to something...I'm a closet makeup junkie. Like I'm one of those people who watches makeup tutorials on YouTube and likes to indulge myself in reading makeup reviews online. I know, I'm a little weird. But just for kicks I thought it would be fun to show a few of my makeup faves. I don't wear this makeup all at the same time (usually). Actually you wouldn't really know I'm such a makeup fan because I usually don't even wear that much makeup. But on with the goods...
 Face products! My favorite. Actually not really, I just like what I like and that's it. Anyways I've truly bought into the Loreal True Match line. Mostly because I tried the foundation last year and found that it was the only foundation that actually matched my skin tone so naturally I figured all the products were the right fit for me. 
1) Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation in W2. I love this foundation. Its a little messy, but its so worth it. Nothing has ever matched my skin perfectly, but this stuff does the job.
2) Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer in W1,2,3. This stuff is new. As in maybe released last week. But its excellent. I used to use the normal true match concealer but it was so messy and the packaging was terrible, so when I found this I couldn't be more excited. Its creamy and perfect for hiding those nasty zits (yes, my skin is clinging to the fact that this is my last year of being a teenager). 
3) Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer in Ivory. I bought this to brighten up my dark circles. And its excellent!
4) Nars Blush and Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna. This stuff is perfect. The blush is supposed to be the most universal blush there is and I can see why. Its a perfect pinkish gold and its super flattering. The bronzer is also the only bronzer a pale girl like me can pull off. Its super light, but also very buildable. 
5) Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 120. This product isn't really that special, but it keeps me from looking like an oil slick mess, so two thumbs up!
6) Loreal True Match Blush in Warm Honey. Perfection.
7) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light. This product is a lifesaver for special events when I need my makeup to stay all day and night.  
 Am I boring you guys yet? Hope not! Here are a few of my favorite eye products...
1) Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. I know there are a lot of natural eyeshadow palettes out there, but this one is my favorite. As you can see, I'm completely running out of the top colors but that's because they are the best! 
2) Wet and Wild's Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Egg Shells. I just bought this, mostly as a replacement for some of the colors in my other palette. But for a $2 eyeshadow palette, I have to admit that it is pretty amazing. The colors are very pigmented and last all day and they are very comparable to high end eye shadows. What a deal!
3) Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Black/Brown. I love this formula. I accidentally bought the curved brush recently, but its kind of growing on me. People always ask me what mascara I wear because it looks so natural and makes my lashes look extra long. This is it folks.
4) Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I'm cheap. Sue me. But this $1 eyeliner is the best stuff I've used. Very precise and very easy to use.
A few bonus products (but ones that I couldn't live without!).
1) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. I'm a HUGE lipstick gal. But if I had to pick just one to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. I'll admit, this is the second tube of it that I've gone through--its that good! Its the perfect formula. The perfect color. Perfect everything!
2) Sephora by OPI nail polish in Shiny Dancer. This is my color man. My entire family is obsessed with this color. So much so that my mom has already bought me 2 back ups (it was a funny accident, but still). 
3) Marc Jacob's Daisy Perfume in a Rollerball. If I had a signature scent, this would be it. I adore this light perfume. It isn't overbearing and is just a lovely scent. I've never owned a bottle but I kind of prefer the rollerballs because I can throw them in my bag for later. 

Thank you all for indulging me in my little makeup post. I love sharing my secret obsession and this was a fun way to go through some of my favorite products. I'll be back soon with some fun crafts and other more normal posts :)

P.S. What are some of your favorite makeup products? I'd love to know!


  1. I love the colors in the two face eye pallets. The colors are fantastic!

  2. Ahh the Daisy rollerball is my favorite. Have you tried Oh Lola?

    1. I JUST discovered it! Its definitely going on my birthday wishlist haha.