Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cardboard Gingerbread House

 While I'm sure many are used to the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses, I have a new one for you! Cardboard Gingerbread houses! 
Actually this whole craft idea came about after I decorated a house from a horrible kit I bought at Walmart. It was terrible. I'm usually very good at decorating, but that kit was so destined to be a disaster that even my diligent decorating skills couldn't save the house. Then I stumbled across this free template and decided to put my own spin on the idea.
 The Materials I used:
- Brown (almost like Kraft Paper) Cardstock
- White Acrylic paint
- Washi Tape
- Ric Rac
- Baby Pom Poms
- Oragami Paper
- Scotch Tape
- Tacky Glue
 This is the front of my house. I absolutely adore the ric rac and thought it would be perfect for some extra decoration. 

Here's the back of the house. I almost think the back is my favorite! 
I loved making this little house. I'm actually entertaining the idea that I'm going to make a new one of these every year and I'll have a little Christmas village! Hope you enjoyed this little craft! 

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