Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Favorites...

 So now that I'm basically done with school (one little acting scene tomorrow and I'm home free!) I can actually enjoy blogging once more! So I thought I'd share a few pinterest favorites from the last 3 weeks. Lately I've only been allowing myself to get on Pinterest for 5 minutes a day so that I may get all my work done. I know, even I am impressed with my discipline ;)
 This typewriter dress is perfect! I want one especially since those typewriters look like my gorgeous red typewriter!
 These ornaments are so sweet. I may try my hand at making a few over the break if there is time.
I love this print!

 I need this squirrel mug. Like really I need it.

I just discovered this blog the other day and I'm seriously in love. Aren't these two looks perfect? Cozy and cute!

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