Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep Your Head Up and Your Heart Strong

 Lets talk about change. I know my blog is usually a light hearted piece of fluff. But life isn't fluff! So today I'm going to share a tiny bit about life. Its not fluffy or pretty. Its changing. 
 Everything in my life has changed this semester. I've lost my boyfriend. I changed my major (barely). I've gotten in contact with some old friends. I've rediscovered my relationship with God. I've lost some friends. I've discovered who my real friends are. I'm moving out of my apartment. I'm moving into a dorm with someone new.
Some of these changes have been GREAT. Some of them have been really hard. But I'm learning to trust the Lord and follow His plan for me. Its weird how much things have changed, but in a way I'm looking forward to it. Its a clean slate. The chance to start new. This summer at camp the theme is "new beginnings" and I cannot think of a better thing to focus on. Everything is new for me! And I'm excited to go on this crazy new adventure!
 Outfit Details:
Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Vintage via Etsy
Flats- Old Navy
So here's to some new beginnings. Times are hard now, but I'll keep my head up and my heart strong and embrace whatever life is going to throw at me next.

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