Monday, August 20, 2012

And For My Next Trick...

I have seen so many beautiful paint chip crafts all over pinterest lately so I decided to try my own hand at it. Last spring Madeline and I saw paint chip banners for sale at a craft sale, but I knew that I should try to make them myself. Thus the paint chip bunting was born...
First what you need to do is measure your paint chip. I chose a page that is 4 inches wide. So you need to measure the half way point and make that the point of triangle. I then drew two connecting lines from the corners to the half way point in pencil (just in case). I recommend doing this on the back of the paint sample because it will make the lines cleaner when you cut it out.
All you do is cut them out and they should all be the same size.

Next you should just hole punch two holes in the corners of the triangle.
Now for connecting the triangles, I chose some neutral colored yarn. Yarn works a lot better than string because the banners won't slip and slide. The fibers of the yarn just grab onto the paper and it won't move around too much.
All you do is thread the yarn through the front of the triangles and its as easy as that!
Now you have a gorgeous paint chip banner!
I cannot WAIT to put this up in my little house with Madeline! Hope you all enjoyed this simple craft tutorial. It's super easy and very very cheap! 


  1. Yeah, I've been meaning to do this for so long! So, do you just go into your local hardware store and pilfer a couple of paint chip cards? Is that how it works? Ha

  2. Yes! I just picked up several samples in the colors I liked! Haha they're free!