Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colonial Crafts with Annie!

So, I'm not exactly sure if I've shared this on the blog yet, but I have a new craft obsession...Needle point crafts. I started this back at the end of the school year and I've been hooked ever since. I learned to cross stitch when I was a little girl, but I hadn't really done it since. But now its become my new knitting (don't worry, I'm still knitting away). So I thought I'd share some of my recent projects...

Ah! The very first project! The squirrel was way too much fun. I didn't finish it until yesterday though. I had finished the squirrel part while at school, but it wasn't until yesterday that I finished the lettering. I guess I was just slow moving on that one haha!

I loved the Katniss arrows (at least that's what I called them) because they were super cute but also easy to reproduce. Most of my patterns are on my computer so I have to lug my laptop everywhere I go when working on projects. This one, however, was different because once I did one arrow I could use it as a reference for the others making it the perfect project for on the go. I also did the majority of this one at camp which sort of holds special memories for me.

This is Madeline, my roommate. I talk about her an awful lot, but here she is in the flesh showing off her adorable embroidery deer! Isn't she the cutest! She's really good at free hand embroidery, which is something I'm trying to work on as well.

My "shooting star" I thought it was clever.

Tonight I tried my hand at a little embroidery. I don't think its great, but I'm just learning. Its all part of the process don't you know! Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my crafty adventures with you all! By the by, the title is actually a camp joke. Everyone sort of made fun of me and joked that I should lead an activity called "Colonial Crafts." Clever, very clever.

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  1. Haha, this is exactly my story. Learned to cross stitch when I was a youn'un, taught myself how to knit when I got older, and am now learning to cross stitch. You've inspired me! Ha