Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Mondays!!!

Clearly I'm really excited for Music Mondays hence the three exclamation points. But seriously instead of just one song I'm going to share.... 5 songs! Yeah, that's right. I'm just into the spirit of giving! Although its more like sharing, but whatever. Enjoy some lovely obscure Christmas tunes...
Um, I'm in love with this song. Seriously its great! Everyone should give it a listen.

Now this one, people may hate me for posting. Mostly because it is electro. I know not everyone likes it but sometimes its worth while. I just enjoyed finding some quality electro christmas music.

I feel like by the end of this month there will be so many Sufjan Christmas songs I've featured in Music Mondays, but I have to admit they are the best. Plus I dig the banjo.

I just like to hear Cameron sing. And see him in a cutie pie 1950's sweater.

I love The Bird and the Bee soooo much! We actually did this arrangement of carol of the bells last year in choir and I couldn't have been more excited!

Well, that's it folks. Merry Christmas!

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