Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Yay!! Its time for a few of my favorite things this week!!!
I had forgotten how much I love Dainty June. They are a clothing company with the cutest clothes all named for characters from musicals. This collection is named after the Sound of Music! How apt!

I'm also obsessed with Zara's kids clothes. I know you're thinking that being in college means I officially have to stop wearing kids clothes, but hey...if it fits! I just love these two pieces above. I mean, come on?! That dress would be adorable and kind of sixties with tights and ballet flats. And that coat, well, who wouldn't wear that beauty? I think it makes perfect sense.

I sent this picture to my friend Spencer on Facebook and now I'm obsessed. Squirrels are my favorite animal, obviously, so this studying squirrel is just the best! Next week is finals and this week is hell week, so this little guy does a great job in cheering up the weary!
Speaking of squirrels..........One of my favorite squirrel scenes in a movie. Plus, we've already established that if I were a disney character I'd be Bucky the squirrel.
Also, this is just too great. I mean, really. Raccoon Willie holiday cheer.

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