Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I've Been Up to Lately...

All I do these days is eat, sleep, breath, crochet. Oh yeah, and school. But mostly crochet. This friday there is going to be a craft fair at my school and Madeline and I are going to have a booth! She's going to sell her hair bows and I'm going to sell these! I've been working feverishly because I didn't really have enough to sell. They are a great deal at only $10 each!

I get TONS of compliments on my personal headband, so I'm hoping to do well at the craft fair. I also take special orders! Want a certain color? No problem! I will make exactly what you want! I love being crafty!


  1. AnnaLee! I LOVE THESE!!! Baby Abigail MUST have one. I am thinking we need a few cause I can't decide on a color (I love the cream colored one in your pic but think red for Christmas would be fun too). We can wait till after your craft fair but I hope you will bring one or some home "baby sized" during thanksgiving break :) Hope you are loving school! Miss seeing you at CPA!
    Tosha Haynes

  2. Tosha! I would love to make Abigail one of these! All I would need you to do is measure her head, because I haven't made a baby one before. Just give me the measurements and I'll send one your way!

  3. Or two! I could for sure make you a cream and a red!