Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I Wore Today

Rainy Days and Mondays always bring me down...not really, but I think about that lyric every time it rains. Today is one of those cold rainy days, so I thought I'd be comfy and cozy today. (Again, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. Darn you macbook!)

Outfit Details:
Sweater- Forever 21
Skirt- American Eagle
Tights- JcPenny
Boots- Alloy
Glasses- Raybans

This is what I like to call my Navajo sweater. I thought about wearing my moccasins, but rain and suede don't really mix. Also, I was afraid it would be taking the tribal theme a little too far. 

People ask me all the time if these are my real glasses or if I just wear them for fun. The truth is: These are my actual glasses that help me see. I've needed glasses for years, but my vision hasn't been terrible. I just can't read far away. So before I came to college I got glasses so that I could see where I was going and read signs. I'm in love with my glasses because I've always wanted cat eye glasses every since I was a little girl. I had planned on having vintage cat eyes, but when I went to the eye doctor they told me, it was too risky to put new lenses in old frames. But then I found these beauties! Way to go Rayban! Points for having a modern day tortoise shell cat eye frame! 

Here's a close up on my trusty boots! I've had these since sophomore year of high school and I will continue to wear them until they fall apart. 

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