Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Lady Craft Fair

Well, I figured you all would love to know how the craft fair went. All I can say was that it was probably one of the single funniest days of my entire college experience. Well, I might as well admit it.......it was an old lady craft fair. All the vendors were old people selling turkey aprons and weird jewelry. We thought it would be students who were selling things, but no, they were old ladies. And the funny thing was that all of the people who stopped by were old. Like we kept turning to each other and laughing because we couldn't figure out where these old people were even coming from! Madeline and I literally laughed the entire first hour of the craft fair! We didn't sell very well, but at least we got plenty of laughes out of it! I think our booth was adorable though!

Here are some of my headbands! I ended up selling all of my reds and oranges so I was left with a blue color palette in the end!

One of the best parts of the day were all the wonderful visitors we had! Lots of our friends came by (and a few made a few purchases!) Our friend Isaac came by, several times and we certainly enjoyed his company. This is him trying on one of my headbands. The best part was that Maddie said, "Isaac, the funny thing is that this actually looks like something you'd wear..."

I had to leave at some point and take an English test. But have no fear! Sebastian stopped by and kept Maddie company. When I came back he was sitting in my chair and I joked that he was being me. But actually he told me that while I was gone he tried to convince people that he made the headbands and some people actually believed him!

Overall, the day was a hoot! We enjoyed being crafty and selling our wares, but most of all we enjoyed the company of friends and the hilarity of the old lady craft fair!

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