Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy No-Shave November Ya'll

It's that time of year again friends. Yes, I'm talking about No-Shave November! I love a good beard, so this is the one time of year when there will be lots of attractive bearded guys walking around campus. 
And now an ode to my favorite beards (and guys behind them)...

First up, Michael Angelakos. He is the lead singer of Passion Pit and totally dreamy.

This post would not be complete without Seth Rogen. I mean come on, you saw this one coming right?!

I'm actually not a huge fan of the Avett Brothers, but they have nice beards. Plus I have a love for the banjo. Hmm, maybe I should reconsider my feelings toward them.

Speaking of banjos...I had to add this guy. He's one of the members of Mumford and Sons. I know its practically a sin that I can't remember his name, but hopefully the banjo gods will forgive me.

Even Rupert rocked a beard in Harry Potter 7 Part 2. I'd love to see him grow one in real life.

Well, folks that's all for my rant about No-Shave November. May your beards grow long and thick.

All images found via pinterest.

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