Monday, May 20, 2013

Where Have I Been? And Where Am I Going?

 Goodness gracious! I have been gone from this blog for a long time! Things got a little too crazy at the end of this semester, but I've been enjoying a few weeks of summer before I embark on my third Camp NaCoMe summer. I've said goodbye to my friends at school, caught up with my friends from home, and spent lots of quality time with the fam. So, where am I going?!
I'm going to live with these crazies at camp! I'm leaving tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited! Some of you guys may not know this about me, but I LOVE the outdoors. And I love kids. So being a camp counselor is the best job for me. Unfortunately I will have to hold off on blogging for the majority of the summer because there is no service or internet in the woods. But I'll be back in full force and I will give a camp update if everyone wants it. I'll miss blogging, but I'm ready to go out into the wilderness and love life. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer! 

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  1. Your headband is amazing! Have a great summer! I'm jealous - always wanted to do the camp counselor thing for a summer