Monday, February 25, 2013

Gettin Scrappy With It

 Here's a little peek at some of the scrap booking pages I've done lately. Guys, I'm obsessed. Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality. But for now, it'll have to do. The above photo is a page I did on some summer adventures to the Farmer's Market.
 More Farmer's Market...
 Sagwa!!! Yes, Sagwa is an ornament. And yes, Sagwa is my best friend. And yes, I know I'm crazy.
 Eats and talks!
 Luigi's trip to Bobby's Dairy Dip.
 Just celebrating me. I've got to document my life somehow! Even if it is a little self-absorbed.
 My 20 before 21 list.
 My mom sent my the cutest Valentines Day gift. She really does rock.
 The Valentine's day adventures with the Fab Four.
 I found some old pictures from high here's a page I did on the Beach Trip from hell. It was not a fun time, but at least a few of us survived!
 I made a page for my very best friend, Sadie. She's a doll.
I turned 20, so I creatively documented it!


  1. Wow. I am super impressed! I've never been good at scrap booking. (Don't have the patience). You have some serious skills guurl.
    xo Deanna | Curly Adventures

  2. Really fun pages! I wish I was good at it like you haha. xo

  3. Love these scrapbooking photos. We have been inspired to do some of this too in the near future as well! But yours really motivate us more! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K

  4. Your pages are amazing! Which printing service do you use for your photos? I've been wanting to print small photos for my Smash Book for the longest time!

    1. I print from PostalPix. It is so cheap and fast! I'd highly recommend them!