Sunday, November 4, 2012


This is my newest creation for the house! I thought I'd try to make things a little festive for the autumn season. I'm obsessed with decorating our house with crafty things.
We already have so many cutesy banners and such around the house, but I couldn't resist making more! I was thinking I could make seasonal banners for this little nook in the living room. Sometime when life is less hectic, and the house looks pretty I might to a home tour here on the blog. Our apartment really is the cutest place on earth!
This banner was super easy. So easy that I didn't really do a tutorial on it because I thought it was self explanatory. I used pages out of an old book that I bought at a thrift store and cut little triangles on the bottom. Then I just used markers for the lettering and punched holes at the top. With my banners I always use yarn to string them along because the fibers hold on to the pages easier. But that's about it! 
You should make your own book page banner! They sure are fun!

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