Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home Tour: Living Room!

So, I've been wanting to share some pictures of my adorable little apartment for a while now, but I realized its just going to have to be shown one room at a time. Now, we don't live in the fanciest place. We are poor college kids. Its really just an old house that has been turned into different apartments, but its swell. We love the cozy atmosphere and have really been able to try to put our own personality into the space.'s our living room...
This is our repulsive floral couch that our friends who lived in the apartment before us left behind. We had a slipcover on it, but the slipcover really didn't fit, so we are putting up with the hideous print for the time being.
Also, this is a work in progress, especially since we only moved in at the end of August. So with that being said, you will notice my lovely lantern that is chilling in our "Star Trek" chairs...its supposed to be hanging over the chaise, but we haven't acquired a ladder to hang it yet. The blank wall is also where we project movies. We don't have a tv, but we like to rent projectors from campus for special movie nights.

 Madeline made us some adorable woodland creatures out of felt. Aren't they adorable?!
 Just us being cute...with some deer bookends...

 I call this our entertainment center. I mean, it houses the record player, records, yarn, sewing machine, vocal books, and movies. That's entertaining right?!
Well folks, that's just a little glimpse into my humble living room. I'll be posting more rooms (my bedroom and kitchen) soon. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Projected movies?! What a swell idea. And I love the felt creatures! Also such a neat idea!