Friday, November 16, 2012

Climbing Trees and Fall Leaves

 Today Fiona and I found the greatest climbing tree on campus! I couldn't climb it very well because I was in a skirt, but I know I will be revisiting it soon. 
 Outfit Details:
Sweater- Hand-me Down from my Aunt Joni
Skirt- Anthropologie
Belt- Forever 21
Tights- Black
Shoes- Anthropologie
Glasses- Ray Ban
Coat (pictured later)- Paul Frank

 The weather has been PERFECT here these days. I'm so glad we've been able to enjoy the last few days of fall before it gets cold. I was glad I was able to wear this skirt while it is still fall because it reminds me of fall leaves.
 We also had to take a few snap shots by this gorgeous red tree on campus! 
Do you ever feel like you have a story about every piece of clothing you own? I do. Most of the stories are just stories about how I got them or how long I've had them. This jacket is one of those stories. I got this gorgeous tweed jacket for Christmas of my Freshman year of high school and its made it through the years getting better as I age. 
Every where I go, without fail, people ask or comment on my owl pin. My mom and I wear matching owl pins on our coats and they are our most talked about accessories. My mom got them at the farmer's market from a woman who made lots of felt pins. I think I could easily make them myself. Maybe that's a project for another day.
Also, these are my $25 Anthropologie shoes that I adore. I got them last winter in the Anthro accessory store we have in our mall. They were $50 on sale and they had a deal that was 50% off all sale items. With only size 6 shoes left, I knew I couldn't walk away without these gorgeous oxfords.

Well, that's it folks! Happy weekend!


  1. AWESOME skirt! And outfit in general! Love it!

  2. The photos turned out so well! Still so excited that we're doing this little challenge :)