Thursday, October 18, 2012

And here it is favorite things I find on tumblr and pinterest. Get inside my head yo! These things are my favorite!
I am in awe of this look. Even though I think I own that sweater. The one that I infamously refer to as "the pumpkin sweater."

I love the National. I love this print. That's all.

I can't help but think this is a print of me. I mean, lets observe...a girl (check), on a bike (check), who wears funky sweaters (check), has rocking cat eye glasses (check), and loves typewriters (check). Well gosh darn it! This is me!
I'm obsessed with this dress from Ruche. Will someone please buy this for me? (That didn't sound desperate right?)
 Frolic! Frolic in the leaves!
 Pies! Very autumnal!
Pretty pretty birdies! 

1 comment:

  1. Wow I LOVE that outfit! Especially her dress and shoes...well, actually, all of it!
    And now I crave pumpkin pie...