Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lust List #1

Lust List #1
Since rejoining Polyvore, I'm figuring out the many ways I can use this wonderful site. One idea I had was to show you some "Lust Lists" which are basically some lovely wishlists. Here's my first one!

1. A pretty dress from Madewell that can transition from Summer to Fall.
2. Wide Angle Lens cameras rock! And this one takes 35 mm film, which is easy to find and easy to develop as well.
3. Bon Iver on vinyl. I go through seasons of being obsessed with this album and seasons of being sick of it. Currently I can't get enough. This would be a wonderful album to own.
4. Washi Tape! Oh the crafts I could do with this baby...
5. Clogs or Sweedish Hasbeen-like shoes. Aren't they divine? Sigh.
6. A vintage brooch featuring two of my favorite woodland creatures, the squirrel and the deer. (Its me and Madeline!)


  1. ohmygoodness i want that dress right now! and that camera is so so so cute. and i want to put washi tape on my keyboard!

  2. @KatherineMcAdoo I've seen so many pictures of keyboards decked out with washi tape! You should do it! They always turn out so nice!