Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Journal Time!

So friends, for a long time I've been feeling very inspired to work on an art journal. I saw Elsie's post about hers and I realized that THIS would be my summer project. I already had so many things I wanted to incorporate due to a lot of crafty hoarding I suppose. Anyways, today I spent the whole day sprawled out in my room working away to my heart's content. 

I found a site a long time ago where a woman had scanned her old Betsey McCall paper dolls and I used to be obsessed with printing them out on card stock and cutting them out. As a kid, I loved to play with paper dolls (actually I still sort of do) so I knew I had to include these in the art journal.

Just some more pretty supplies...

Ahh, the very first page. What to do? I had no idea...thus this was born.

I consider this to be the first page, really. I LOVED the way this turned out. I put the lyrics to Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie on one side in case any one was wondering...

So lovely!

That little book was actually a gift card holder from Anthropologie and I filled it with a list of things I love. Too cute!

 This is page 2, I suppose. I'm really infatuated with this one... The lyrics in the key shape are the lyrics to Death Cab's song "Codes and Keys." In case you guys couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan...
 This is the last page I did today and its the sappy lovey dovey page. But I'm completely obsessed with this one.
Madeline would absolutely adore this page because of the Sondre Lerche quote I put on it. But really, it was perfect with the picture I found.

And this one is sweet. I have a ton of old photographs that I picked up from a vintage store here in town. And the lyrics on this one are from Frank Sinatra's "I'll Be Seeing You."

I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! I hope these inspire you to do some art journaling yourself!

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