Friday, March 9, 2012


I did it! I left the house with the lovely milkmaid braids! I think the hairstyle is growing on me! My family even complimented me on them and I would have thought they would have hated it the most!

Outfit Details:
Sweater- Target
Dress- Charlotte Ruse
Tights- JcPenny
Shoes- Clarks

I'm not sure if this adorable sweater has made it on the blog yet. I wear it over top of my leotard and tights on my dance days, so I feel like its just become and extension of my body in some ways haha. But I love how practical and wonderful this sweater is because of its color and its warmth. But all practicality aside, its pretty adorable with the elbow patches! 

This is not the first or last time this dress will appear here on the blog. It's been in my closet since the eighth grade and I will keep wearing it until it doesn't fit or it falls apart. Whichever happens first haha. Anyways, I'm off to do a little vintage shopping and see a performance showcase at my old high school! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Good Golly, I LOVE your hair style and clothing style too! You're so adorable :) Following your blog!