Sunday, February 12, 2012

18 Years Old and Inspiration-less

Well, folks apparently I've hit a blogging wall. Not a fun blogging wall that's for sure. I just don't have time anymore. I just don't have time to make an outfit post. Or share my favorite things. Because the thing is I feel not only stressed out because of my schedule, but also I just feel inspiration-less. 

Its like I can't even come up with any cute outfits or cool knitting projects. I just feel a little blah. And that's no fun. But its February which means one thing. Actually two. It means two things. The first thing being, its cold. Most days I just struggle to get out of my warm bed and brace the cold outside. And the other thing is my birthday. Its next week and I'm dreading it. 

Its not that I dislike being a year older (although the fact that next year I'll be 20 is quite shocking), its just that I don't really like my birthday. I'm always busy this time of year with something or another and its so hard to be in a "yay, lets celebrate life" kind of mood. Not that life isn't fun, its just I don't don't really enjoy celebrating my birthday. Maybe if my birthday were a few months later I'd feel more inclined to throw a party or something of the sort. But its not.

I literally sound so unhappy right now, but really I'm not. I just don't like my birthday and the fact that its coming up makes me a little sad. Maybe its the idea that everyone expects me to be happy about my birthday that kind of depresses me. I'm not, so I feel the pressure of pretending to like my birthday which ultimately makes me dislike my birthday even more. Hmmm many thoughts to ponder. But here I am world. 18 years old and inspiration-less. 

I think I'll go clean my room now.

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