Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go Outside!!!

I realized this week, that I heavily rely on the same titles for my posts, so I've decided from now on to try to mix it up! With that being said...I'M GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I realized last night that I had not left the house since Tuesday! And even then, I was going from being stuck babysitting to being stuck at my own home! So now I'm breaking free!

Outfit Details:
Fleece: Target
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: New York and Co.
Boots: Clarks
Glasses: Ray Bans

We are driving to Dickson for my mom to pick up some art and I'm tagging along. There is a great coffee shop downtown that we love to go to, so I'm stoked! Anyways, today's look is pretty casual and comfy. Mostly because I've been trying to wear things I haven't worn lately. Oh! I almost forgot to talk about this fleece jacket! I got it at the beginning of the break at Target for $5! I know, I was shocked. I am obsessed with the color. Its one of those colors that most people hate, but I love. Its kind of a green kind of a gold. People probably think its a puke color, but I don't care I think its great!

Oh my trusty striped sweater! I saw this lone black and white striped sweater at Forever 21 last year and snatched it up immediately. It was not in the right place and I couldn't find more of them, but I took it anyways despite it being too big for me. But I've gotten so much wear out of it and I kind of like how big and baggy it fits.

Well, that's all folks! Glad I could bring you an outfit post after DAYS of wearing pjs!
And in case you were wondering the inspiration behind the title of this post, here it is...

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