Monday, January 9, 2012

Etsy Favorites

So a few weeks ago I bought a gorgeous vintage dress on etsy and ever since then I thought that I would like to show some of my favorite vintage etsy finds. I've bought a few vintage clothing items off etsy and I've found it to be a wonderful resource for finding interesting pieces for a good price. Sometimes vintage clothing on etsy can be quite pricey but every once and a while you can find that perfect piece for a good deal. So here are some of my current etsy favorites...
I love this dress! Its so sunny and adorable! I tend to buy more dresses in this sort of 1950/60's fit and flare shape because its extremely flattering. I think anyone could pull off this look because it defines your waist and makes you look more feminine. Its $60 which is a pretty good deal for this type of dress and the shipping is under $5.
This dress is a looker for sure. Its got a gorgeous neckline would be a perfect spring dress. And at $32 who could say no?!
Now this dress is a definitely on the pricey side, but its so unique. Plus I'm a sucker for polka dots! But what I love about this dress is the combination of the peter pan collar and the smocking on the top. This allows it to fit better. I'm constantly searching for vintage clothing that will fit smaller sizes. Most of the things I love are in plus sizes which doesn't fit me. But this dress is a for sure a winner!
Oh be still my heart! This dress is spectacular! I mean, I have very few words to describe how perfect this dress is! I'm in love with both the detail and the shape of this mod dress. Talk about a perfect summer look.

So there we have a nice little collection of vintage etsy finds that I adore. To see more, check out my etsy favorites here.

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