Saturday, December 10, 2011

We Got Annie!

This might be a super weird blog post, but whatever. The topic I'm bringing up today (wow that sounded so official) is nicknames. Mine for instance is Annie. Hey! You learn something new everyday! It all started in 3rd grade when my friends just put my name together and got Annie. And to them, I've been Annie ever since. I also went by Annie full time at camp which was sweet! But now I'm in college and I've realized how weird it is that no one calls me Annie any more. I mean, why would they? They don't know that I respond to that. But sometimes I miss being Annie. Being myself really. 

Here's a few Annie songs to enjoy...
Side note, if you don't know the morning benders, you really should check them out. They are a sick band.
I'm a musical theatre major okay?! Give me a break!

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