Thursday, December 15, 2011

Study Study Study

I feel like I have neglected the blog completely because of finals week! I haven't completely abandoned the blog, but I feel like its been a while. Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictures I found of college kids studying back in the day. I love the picture above because I like to think its my friends (Ericka, Paige, Michelle, Maria, and Karsyn) in the 1950's. Its the perfect number of girls!

Ah finals! I'm actually done now praise the Lord!
This is literally Madeline and I in our room. Although we modern gals use computers...
This makes me really want to get a new ribbon for my typewriter! I have a gorgeous red royal typewriter that I got for my 16th birthday, but it needs a new ribbon. Someday...

Now that finals over I can enjoy my break, which will consist of this...knitting and listening to records. Sweet man.

All pics found here.


  1. I love the vintage photos. Photos from that era always make teenagers look so studious!

  2. @carrie, you are so right! I love how nice everyone looks while studying! These days most kids wear sweatpants and pajamas...