Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I Wore Today

Today I got up and went thrifting with my friend Fiona and this is what I wore. I found that the weather was so nice out, I probably shouldn't have worn a sweater, but oh well!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: New York and Co.
Shirt: Charlotte Ruse
Jeans: New York and Co.
Shoes: Old Navy
Headband: Made by ME!!

You would think that this blog would make me better at taking outfit of the day pictures, but no. I think I'm getting progressively worse...

One would think that after all the headbands I'd be making, I'd be sick of looking at them let alone wearing them, but I still love the flower headband! This is the one I wear all the time and every time I wear it I get a compliment. I'm hoping to sell more of them at the craft fair. They seem to be very popular!

These shoes have been around for ages and ages. Like, I'm pretty sure I got them in the seventh grade and I'm STILL wearing them. They are timeless, so they never go out of style and they haven't fallen apart yet. I love any shoe with a t-strap, probably because they remind me character shoes. But seriously, these are some of my favorite shoes I own!

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