Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Wore Today

It is cold and windy out! So, I'm pretending I'm in Chicago (even though its snowing there right now). Anyways, this is a classic Anna Lee outfit. Comfy, professional, and cute. 

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Blazer: American Eagle
Leggings: Target
Boots: Target

I'm in love with this blazer! I love the unusual color and I love that its corduroy. Ah, so much love all around.

I call this top the Au Revoir Simone top mostly because it reminds me of the band. I got this shirt around the same time that I became obsessed with them and they wore a lot of these peasant style long shirts so thus the name was born. You can't see the print really well, but trust me its a beaut.

Anyone who has ever complimented me knows about how these are actually kid's boots. I have really small feet (size 6) and have no trouble fitting into a kid's size 4. I love being able to shop in the kid's section because the prices are always always cheaper. Anywho, I found these boots in the kid's department of Target and knew I had to snatch them up, because you would never be able to tell that they are kid's shoes. Thank you God for my small feet!

Well, that's all folks...until next time.

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